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Our Civil Engineering group has successfully designed and gained approvals for scores of projects ranging from the improvement or new development of individual residential properties to large-scale subdivisions, condominiums, commercial and industrial site plans, as well as the design of municipal road and drainage improvement projects.

Some of our recent projects and images are provided below:

  • Residential Subdivisions, Condominium Projects
  • Smaller-Scale Residential Projects
  • Commercial/Industrial Site Development Plans
    • Southhaven Associates, Southbury Plaza, Owner’s consultant
    • Watertown Business Center, Industrial Condominiums
    • Kanpak sanitary force main, Southbury
    • First Steps Daycare, Southford
    • Tarby Industrial Subdivision, Oxford
    • Union Savings Bank, Southbury
    • Newtown Savings Bank, Southbury
    • Ministry of the High Watch, Kent
    • MD Services medical facility site, Middlebury
    • Parker & Fitch Industrial Building, Plymouth
    • Conlan Heating and A/C, Southbury
    • Across From the Green, Southbury
    • CL&P Company, Gravel Mining, Southbury
    • Woodbury Ski Area, Woodbury
    • Hardisty, Garage Rd.
    • Dudas, Naugatuck

  • Municipal Project Designs

Our staff’s experience with dealing with difficult sites and negotiating the complexities of ever-expanding regulations sets the Stuart Somers Co. LLC’s work apart from the other firms.